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About the hydrogen marketplace

Would you like to learn more about the hydrogen marketplace? Then we have summarized some information about the hydrogen marketplace for you here.

The hydrogen marketplace and its origin

In cooperation with Brandenburg's Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach and Berlin's Senator for Economics Stephan Schwarz, Localiser has developed a platform that simplifies and completely digitalizes the exchange of hydrogen. This is intended to accelerate the growth of the hydrogen economy in the long term.


The first hydrogen marketplace for the Berlin-Brandenburg region was finally published in April 2022. More than 200 projects were already planned and launched with its help within the first few months. The great demand and growing interest in the hydrogen marketplace inspired Localiser to make it available beyond the borders of Berlin-Brandenburg.


Since October 2022, the hydrogen marketplace has been available and usable throughout Germany. Since then, it has been possible for anyone to offer or search for hydrogen through our hydrogen marketplace.


With the hydrogen marketplace, Localiser wants to create a better overview of hydrogen availability and help to find partners in this field. Furthermore, the hydrogen marketplace is intended to take a big step towards climate protection and to advance the energy transition.


FAQ - Hydrogen Marketplace

What does the hydrogen marketplace do?

Hydrogen-based business models need a secure hydrogen supply. That's why we at Localiser developed Germany's first web-based, digital hydrogen marketplace. We can geo-reference hydrogen supply and demand in your region. This allows you to prepare your regional hydrogen exchange or hydrogen marketplace. We set up the whole thing completely digitally. And you use this data to build a suitable hydrogen infrastructure in your region.

Who can use the hydrogen marketplace?

What is the current status of the software?

The hydrogen marketplace can be used by all companies, organizations, institutions and individuals operating along the hydrogen value chain.

Localiser developed Germany's first interactive hydrogen platform by January 2022 as part of the Brandenburg Hydrogen Roadmap. This platform enables the data-supported, geo-referenced representation of hydrogen locations in a specific region and in this way makes hydrogen demand and hydrogen production visible. Due to high demand, the marketplace has been extended beyond the borders of Berlin-Brandenburg to create a Germany-wide tool for hydrogen supply and demand.

What level of detail is possible?

We know that not all hydrogen is the same. It exists in different qualities - depending on the application, for example in transport or heat. In addition, the pressure level and the ecological footprint are different. This information is displayed and taken into account in the Localiser hydrogen platform.

How do I register for the hydrogen marketplace?

You can easily register for our hydrogen marketplace via our registration form. To do so, enter your name, your mail address, the name of your company or your name again in the fields and select your state. Then confirm the privacy policy and click on send. Now you are registered for the hydrogen marketplace and a project has been created for you. You will receive your registration data in a separate mail, with which you can log in to the marketplace.

I have not received any mail after submitting the form. What can I do?

Can I register with the Hydrogen Marketplace more than once?

If you have not received an e-mail with the access data within 48 hours, please check your spam folder first. If you do not find any mail there either, it is quite possible that you are already registered with the hydrogen marketplace and have registered again. In this case, please contact us and we will be happy to send you your access data again. In case both are not applicable, please contact us. Our team will take care of it as soon as possible.

No, only one registration is possible per mail address.

The hydrogen marketplace is not accessible. What happened?

If the hydrogen marketplace does not open, please check your internet connection and whether you have entered the correct URL. If both are in order, it may be that we are currently working on the hydrogen marketplace, as we are always working on optimizing and further developing the marketplace. You will then receive a mail from us when the H₂ marketplace is offline and when it will be back online. If this is also not the case, please contact us. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

Can I connect with providers and seekers from other states?

Yes, since the H₂ marketplace is available throughout Germany, you can also find partners from other states.

How much does it cost to use the hydrogen marketplace?

My question was not included. Who can I contact?

The hydrogen marketplace is a free platform that also costs no money to use.

Do you have further questions or could your request not be clarified in the FAQ? Then please feel free to use our contact form or call us at 030 62934644.

Our partners in the hydrogen marketplace

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