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Project Hydrogen Marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg

Do you want to search for hydrogen producers and consumers in the capital region and plan tomorrow's infrastructure completely digitally? This is now possible free of charge in the hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg.

Hydrogen for Berlin and Brandenburg

In cooperation and on the initiative of Jörg Steinbach, Brandenburg's Minister of Economics, and Stephan Schwarz, Berlin's Senator for Economics, the hydrogen marketplace for the Berlin-Brandenburg region was developed together with Localiser. The hydrogen marketplace was intended to simplify and digitalize the search and offering of hydrogen. Since its release in March 2022, the hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg has already recorded more than 200 planned projects.

What does the hydrogen marketplace do for Berlin and Brandenburg?

Hydrogen-based business models need a secure hydrogen supply. That's why we at Localiser have developed Germany's first web-based, digital hydrogen marketplace - for Brandenburg and Berlin.


The hydrogen marketplace enables the data-supported, geo-referenced presentation of hydrogen locations in the capital region and thus makes hydrogen demand and hydrogen production visible. 


And what level of detail is possible? We know that not all hydrogen is the same. It exists in different qualities - depending on the application, e.g. in transport or heat. In addition, the pressure level and the ecological footprint are different. This information is displayed and taken into account in the hydrogen marketplace.


Since the hydrogen marketplace is a commission from the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics and the Berlin Senate of Economics, its use is 100% free of charge. The expansion of the H2 Marketplace to all other German states has not changed this.


As the hydrogen economy becomes more relevant, the hydrogen marketplace will be regularly updated by Localiser. The new features will be published in our changelog and on our hydrogen page.


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H2 marketplace

Need help with the hydrogen marketplace?

Need help registering or setting up your Hydrogen Marketplace profile? Feel free to visit our Help and Support page. There you will find tutorials on how to use the Hydrogen Marketplace as well as contact options for other concerns.

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