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Localiser- Ihre Plattform für die Planung von Ladeinfrastruktur

Localiser - Your platform for charging infrastructure planning

The best of both worlds!
Location sites and hydrogen: Planning infrastructure - simply and quickly with Localiser

DIN SPEC 91433 Norm Localiser

The challenge of electromobility:

Plan charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

The planning of charging points is associated with uncertain and expensive decisions. Time and again, the question arises as to where charging infrastructure can be operated economically and sensibly. If the wrong location is chosen, the operation of charging points is uneconomical. At the same time, the expansion of charging points and charging hubs must be carried out very quickly in order to be competitive. Understandably, many companies are therefore unsure how to find and analyze the best locations. We are aware of this problem from 15 years of experience in the field of electromobility. For this reason, we have developed Localiser, the software for secure and standardized planning of charging infrastructure.​

We set standards - Localiser was involved in the development of DIN SPEC 91433

In 2020, Oliver Arnhold, CEO of Localiser, and his team won the Innovator Award from the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) in the category "Market launch of a product or service". We are thus setting new standards in electromobility - DIN SPEC 91433 is authoritative for the planning and installation of charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles. Since the publication of DIN SPEC 91433 in 2020, we and our partners have been applying this DIN standard across the board in the planning of charging infrastructure.

This is what our customers say about Localiser:

Sophia Schubert

Business Analyst Public Charging E-Mobility Vattenfall

"The standardized evaluation and analysis of Localiser helps us to compare the locations with each other and select the right number of stations and charging capacity."

Marvin Schnarchendorf

Project Manager emobility Orlen

"Localiser is a great product and very helpful when checking locations."


Hanna Full

Senior Consultant GP Joule Consult

"We have been working with Localiser for several years now and have evaluated more than 2000 locations with the app."


Katrin Bartel

Head of Project Management and Operations Ladegrün

"The sales forecast from the location assessment helps us to find the most suitable locations, make the right investment decisions and plan the sustainable development of charging infrastructure with our partners."


Excerpt of current projects, partners and customers

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The 5 most important points when planning charging infrastructure

You want to set up charging infrastructure for electromobility? But charging points that are not used are uneconomical. How do you find those locations where the potential for e-mobility is highest? How many charging processes can you expect per day and which charging power is the right one?


Know the inventory charging infrastructure

Get an overview of existing charging points in your area. Use the Localiser tool for your search. Mark fast and normal charging points, for different customer groups. And then take this information into account in your planning. Because if you set up public charging points and keep an eye on the distances to existing charging points, you will ensure a good charging network by distributing your points correctly.


Take into account the potential for electromobility

In the next few years, tens of thousands of new electric cars will be registered in Germany. But where exactly are the hotspots for this development, and where will charging points be needed afterwards? Research projects have shown that a number of sociodemographic parameters are decisive for this. The core questions are: What is the distribution of single-family homes compared to multi-family homes in my search area, what is the age structure in the area, what is the purchasing power? Evaluate this data for your potential charging points or your region, and they identify the areas with the greatest growth potential.


Align charging points with demand

Studies show that much of the charging today takes place at home. As the number of e-vehicles increases, drivers will also want to charge at work, while shopping at the supermarket, or in other situations where their car is parked for more than 15 minutes. Check: what so-called "points of interest" are available? What are the traffic volumes of the streets near the charging points? Where are parking spaces that can be converted for charging? In doing so, see where public demand for charging points will arise.


Involve stakeholders

It goes without saying that the grid connection for your charging points must be checked - so get in touch with them. But if citizens are also to be involved, if the housing industry is to participate and other interested parties, then you will get so much information about your charging points this way that you can make a better decision.


Take advantage of funding opportunities

With the right location, your charging station has the best prerequisites to be economical. If you also receive funding, the investment will be easier for you. Check the federal government's programs, keyword "Charging infrastructure funding guideline". Also look for funding opportunities at the level of your federal state.


If you need help with planning charging infrastructure or applying for funding, please feel free to contact us.

Ladeinfrstruktur planen

Planning charging infrastructure with e-mobility software from Localiser

That is why you can trust Localiser

Fast and completely digital planning of charging infrastructure

we work with the knowledge from over 15 years of electromobility research

In total, we already planned more than 1.200.000 location sites

Localiser is the first DIN-compliant planning software for charging infrastructure

our digital atlas is the only planning tool in Germany that also shows parking space

our digital atlas is the only planning tool in Germany that also shows parking space

Localiser in figures


Companies plan with us


Locations were rated in total by our customers


​Locations are evaluated live by our customers today



Planning charging infrastructure with Localiser
Ladeinfrastruktur planen mit Localiser
Das alles bietet Ihnen die Localiser-App

All this offers you Localiser

Location and area analysis for charging infrastructure

Invite as many partners as you like to your project

View the best and most economical locations on the map

Excel and PDF export of your site analyses


Regular data updates for the best results 

Findings from more than 15 years of analyzing the electromobility industry

Fast, simple and cost-efficient planning of charging infrastructure

Simultaneous analysis of several

100,000 sites

We comply with DIN SPEC 91433

Our FastFinder calculates the best locations for you in each search area

Education, training and webinars about our service

Plan your charging infrastructure internationally

Plan charging points

Planning charging infrastructure:
Location analysis with Localiser

Localiser uses artificial intelligence to plan your charging infrastructure. You simply enter your locations as geodata or addresses in our Localiser app and the platform shows you the best locations for charging points.

Planning your charging infrastructure:
Layer for specification

Locations vary in their suitability for your charging infrastructure planning. At which locations is your investment most worthwhile? You can choose between different layers for this purpose. For example, let us show you parking lots and shopping centers. All layers are available to you and we are always working on developing new ones. The layers you choose save themselves automatically, you never have to activate them again when you reload the website. This way you can plan the best locations for your charging infrastructure.

Software for charging infrastructure planning:
Data as Excel export

The locations for your future charging infrastructure are furthermore provided to you as an Excel file. You can download these in the Localiser app. The locations and data can of course also be accessed via the Localiser app. So nothing stands in the way of your charging infrastructure planning.

Research-based charging infrastructure planning:
Expertise from over 15 years of research in electromobility

As a spin-off of the Reiner Lemoine Institute, an independent, non-profit research institute, in the field of renewable energies, we have many years of experience in electromobility research. Together with our developers, we are able to offer a platform that simplifies the planning of your charging infrastructure.

Localiser answers the following questions

Where are the best locations for new charging points?

I have several potential locations, but which one has the most need?

How do I prepare for electromobility in the real estate industry?

As a network operator, how can I digitize the network connection processes?

How can I accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure?

How can I involve other stakeholders in my projects?

All this offers you Localiser

Public utilities

Super markets

DIY stores


Network operator


Component manufacturer

Housing industry




Ladeinfrastrukturplanung mit der Software von Localiser

Business development


Plan your charging infrastructure with Localiser!

Electromobility stands for an environmentally friendly and low-emission transportation option. However, the challenge of e-mobility lies in the planning of charging infrastructure. Because those who plan charging stations usually make uncertain decisions and they are confronted with an immense financial and time effort. The question always arises: Is this location economical?


To avoid these uncertainties, we developed the Localiser platform for secure planning of charging infrastructure. With the help of our platform, you can find the best locations, make the right investment decisions, and build out your charging infrastructure network at lightning speed.


Would you like to plan your charging infrastructure with Localiser? Then feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with a suitable offer.

May we introduce ourselves?


We set standards - Localiser was involved in the development of DIN SPEC 91433

2021 wurde das Deutschlandnetz von der Bundesregierung ausgeschrieben. Localiser unterstütze dieses Vorhaben zum Ausbau der Ladeinfrastruktur in Deutschland. Dazu stellten wir unsere Ladeinfrastruktur-Software in diesem Zeitraum kostenlos zur Verfügung.

FAQ - Electromobility and charging infrastructure planning

What does the Localiser platform offer?

You want to plan charging stations in your region or nationwide? Then the Localiser platform will help you find the right locations. This way, you avoid uneconomical locations and can be sure to make the right location decision. Localiser shows you where charging stations are worthwhile in the planned region. You can narrow down the result from various filters and in this way find your nearest charging locations.

Which regions does the localiser platform cover?

With the help of Localiser, you can plan charging infrastructure throughout Germany. Charging infrastructure planning with our tool is also possible abroad, for example, we also operate in Austria. Please feel free to contact us, we will advise you competently on your wishes.

How can I register with the Localiser tool?

Would you like to plan your charging infrastructure with Localiser? Then use our contact form and activate the item "Electromobility" in the topic. You will receive a message from us within 48 hours after sending the form, in which we will explain to you exactly how to proceed.

How much does it cost to use the Localiser tool?

The costs of using the Localiser platform are based on certain criteria. If you would like to plan charging stations with us, we will advise you extensively on the costs and services of the Localiser tool.

What is the Digital Atlas?

The Digital Atlas shows you where charging points are profitable. Here you can filter by specific factors to find the right locations for your charging infrastructure. For example, you can filter by buildings, parking, traffic, existing charging stations, public transport and many other traffic and socio-economic data on this interactive map to compare and find the best location for your charging points. The digital atlas presents you the data scaled or overlapped.

Was ist der Fast Finder?

Der Fast Finder ist ein spezielles Feature in unserer Plattform zur Ladeinfrastrukturplanung. Er berechnet in wenigen Sekunden, wo Sie in Ihrer Planungsregion Ladesäulen platzieren sollten. Auf diese Weise finden Sie die besten Standorte für Ihre Ladeinfrastruktur und investieren sinnvoll.

When can I use the Localiser tool and the Digital Atlas?

As long as your account is activated, you can start right away.

Are there any helps for using the localiser platform?

Yes, you can find the manual for using the Localiser platform in the app menu under Manual. There, everything is explained to you step by step, from registration to the individual functions. 

Can multiple users work on one project?

Yes, this is possible. In our manual we explain step by step how this works.

In which countries is the Localiser app available?

The Localiser platform for planning charging infrastructure is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The same layers and functions are available for each of these countries. The hydrogen marketplace is available in Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, each with the same functions.

My question was not included. Who can I contact?

Do you have further questions or could your request not be clarified in the FAQ? Then please feel free to use our contact form or call us at 030 62934644.


The challenge of electromobility:
Plan charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

We know that planning charging points involves uncertain and expensive decisions. That's why we developed Localiser: With us, you can find the best locations for charging points, make the right investment decisions, and build your charging infrastructure in no time.


Here you can view all important dates, events, functions and lectures in which Localiser is participating.

Next event:



Charging Infrastructure Conference of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport 2024

The fully booked event will primarily focus on the topic of charging infrastructure. Of course, Localiser is not to be missed. Hundreds of guests are on site. You can follow the event in the livestream.


How long:


Thu., 20/06/24

8 am - 5 pm


This is what our customers say about Localiser:

Sophia Schubert Vattenfall

Sophia Schubert

Business Analyst Public Charging

E-Mobility Vattenfall

"Localiser supports us in planning new charging locations. Because we want to install charging stations where they are most urgently needed. Localiser's standardized evaluation and analysis helps us to compare the locations with each other and select the right number of stations and charging capacity."

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