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Plan the Deutschlandnetz with Localiser

Plan the Deutschlandnetz with Localiser. Find search areas and locations in Germany with the Localiser platform. The electric mobility software for planning charging infrastructure shows you the best locations for planning charging infrastructure with its proven data basis.

The Deutschlandnetz

The German network was put out to tender by the German government in 2021. The planned fast charging network for Germany aims to provide over 8000 charging points by the end of 2023. Localiser is participating in the expansion of the Germany network with its e-mobility software, which makes it possible to plan one's own charging infrastructure in no time at all.

Planen Sie das Deutschlandnetz gemeinsam mit Localiser

Successful participation in the Germany Network

We know that planning charging infrastructure involves messy decisions. At Localiser, we therefore specialize in providing the optimal data quality for charging infrastructure operators. This makes the search for suitable locations easier and location decisions are made with a solid data basis. Localiser has helped with the Germany network with the following issues:






It is unclear exactly what the 900 search areas look like, and they vary widely. In the Localiser Digital Atlas, you can identify what land and parking is available, where traffic and public transport is, and what charging points already exist. 

There are many potential locations available in each search area. But which one is the best? The Localiser Fast Finder calculates the best locations in each search space for you.

What is the potential for fast charging in each of the 900 search spaces? Localiser calculates the amount of electricity in kWh that you can realize at the points you choose.


How do you keep all the info together and document the detailed planning? With Localiser Site Manager, you can conduct on-site inspections and document directly digitally. Important for bidding consortia: External partners can work together on the platform for projects. 


And which lots suit you? With Localiser, you can evaluate and rank search spaces according to your own criteria.

Our offer was:

Localiser supports the idea of a nationwide fast charging network in Germany and wants to help the Deutschlandnetz to succeed. Therefore, we have activated the platform for the identification and planning of optimal charging points for the period of the tender for all companies that want to build fast charging points in the Deutschlandnetz.

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