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Localiser Hintergrund

About Localiser

Localiser is a software company for the automated construction of charging infrastructure for electromobility. As a spin-off of the Reiner Lemoine Institute, which is committed to the conversion of the energy supply to 100% renewable energies, Localiser works with the knowledge gained from over 15 years of electromobility research.


years of research





Our History

Localiser RLI GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2018 by Kathrin Goldammer and Oliver Arnhold - our current management team. We are a spin-off from the Reiner Lemoine Institute, where we developed the idea of automated infrastructure planning. Our vision is a data-driven web platform for everyone who wants to plan the energy and transport transition quickly and easily.


After we had our first customer in 2019, we have developed Localiser into an established company in the electric mobility industry. We can now look back on a national and international customer portfolio. We are currently planning several thousand charging locations in Germany and abroad. And on our 4th birthday, we already recorded the 1000th project on our platform.


Our team currently consists of 12 employees who support us in the realization of the projects and contribute to our success. 


Localiser RLI GmbH is founded by Kathrin Goldammer and Oliver Arnhold as a spin-off from the Reiner Lemoine Institute in Berlin.


Localiser has customers for the first time for automated charging infrastructure planning.


We get our first SaaS license.


Our DIN standardization starts


Our first international clientele comes from Austria and Switzerland.


Our DIN standardization is complete (SPEC 91433) and together with the RLI we clear the innovation prize.


The first hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg is published.


The 1000th project in the hydrogen marketplace was launched.


More than 20,000 location reviews in a week are recorded on the Localiser platform.


The hydrogen marketplace is going international and is now available in a total of 11 countries.


The team grows to 12 employees and Oliver Arnhold is moving from RLI to Localiser full-time.


Since publication, 400 companies have registered in the hydrogen marketplace


Localiser celebrates 5th anniversary with big Party in Berlin-Tempelhof.

What drives us?

Kathrin Goldammer and Oliver Arnhold studied engineering and have been working for over 15 years on the goal of implementing the energy and transport revolution. They want electromobility to prevail! But where are charging points most urgently needed? And how can we help charging point operators and network operators to advance the development of charging infrastructure more quickly? 


The "Mobility with Renewable Energies team" at the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) in Berlin is working on this and other topics. Kathrin and Oliver met at the RLI and developed an idea for calculating the positioning of charging stations based on data and automating charging infrastructure planning.


In the fall of 2018, they founded Localiser RLI GmbH for this purpose. The Localiser algorithm makes it possible to automatically position charging points and adapt their performance to forecasts for the development of electromobility. The basis for this is good data: Traffic evolution, socio-demographics, e-car ramp-up, charging behavior in different locations, etc. The Localiser platform will then bring together all the data and network the stakeholders involved in the build-up process.


The start-up Localiser is run by Kathrin and Oliver together as managing partners.

Our Team


Darya Annina



Paul Böhnke


Johannes Hofmann

Johannes Hofmann



Nikolai Klevtsov


Johannes Hofmann

Paul Messall

Public Relations


Vivien Schwitzkowski

Office Managerin

Oliver Arnhold

Oliver Arnhold


Kathrin Goldammer

Kathrin Goldammer


Johannes Hofmann

Raphael Kleemann-Sanchez


Aleksandra Maliszewska

Data Scientist

Aleksandra Maliszewska
Stefan Schirmeister

Stefan Schirmeister



Alexander Windt

Customer Success Manager

Our values and our Gender Equality Plan

Equality, acceptance and sustainability are just some of the values that shape Localiser as a company. For us, people come first. Acceptance and tolerance are two of the fundamental principles by which Localiser operates. Every person is respected regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation, faith or appearance. No one is a lone wolf with us, but we are a team that supports each other constructively and loyally. What is important to us is written in our principles and in our Gender Equality Plan.

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