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March 2023: 12th Energy Symposium "Future Perspectives for Hydrogen" with our CEO Oliver Arnhold

On March 3, 2023, the 12th Energy Symposium "Future Perspectives for Hydrogen" was already held at the Wildau University of Applied Sciences. Six experts from the fields of science, business and politics spoke about topics in the field of hydrogen. One of them was our managing director Oliver Arnhold, who gave a lecture on the topic "The hydrogen marketplace - exchange platform for players". He presented the hydrogen marketplace developed by Localiser and its use interactively. A big highlight was the sneak peak into the new matching feature in the hydrogen marketplace, which displays matching partners after a project has been posted. This new feature will be available in the future.


At the end of the event, there were numerous questions for the speakers. Therefore, during the panel discussion, questions about further education in the field of hydrogen, infrastructure planning of hydrogen, as well as fast networking of stakeholders were answered and discussed.


We were very pleased about the invitation to the symposium and thank the organizers very much.

Oliver Arnhold at 12th Energy Symposium
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