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January 2024: Kathrin Goldammer invited to the 30th meeting of the Mobility and Transport Committee

Kathrin Goldammer, Co-CEO of Localiser and energy expert, was invited to the 30th meeting of the Committee for Mobility and Transport on 17.01.2024. The main topic was the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the capital region. Goldammer also named Localiser. We were well represented there with our software for planning charging infrastructure.

Localiser receives numerous inquiries from the capital region. In Berlin alone, our customers are currently evaluating more than 2,000 locations that could be considered for the installation of charging infrastructure. We already have all this data and information before the actual grid connection request. It would be of great benefit if we had the opportunity to proactively move the planned charging points in the direction where they are desired from an urban and network perspective. All we need for this is joint, transparent and networked charging infrastructure planning. Because everything changes again when new conditions arise and needs to be adapted. Should this happen in Berlin in the future?


In addition to the five experts, representatives of the political parties and the transport senator were also present. They asked questions to the invited experts in a Q&A session at the end of the event.

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