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September 2023: 11th Adlershof Company Relay with Localiser

On your marks, get set, go! On September 7, 2023, our 5th birthday, the 11th Adlershof Company Relay also took place at the former Johannisthal airfield. Of course Localiser, as a company of the Adlershof Technology Park, took part in this event. Our six best runners gave their all and showed sportsmanship. In two teams of three, the Location Legends and the FastFinders, they fought for the victory for Localiser.


The run was initiated by Gesundheitssport Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. for all Adlershof companies. The company relay also makes it possible to casually meet and get to know other companies in the Technology Park. Each runner must run a distance of 2.9 kilometers, so that each team covers a total of 8.7 kilometers.


In the end we reached 85th place with the FastFinders and 92nd place with the Location Legends. The event was a lot of fun for the whole team, whether as runners or spectators.

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