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March 2022: Localiser publishes the first hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg


March 29, 2022 - Potsdam/Berlin: The federal states of Brandenburg and Berlin today launched the hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg. The digital hydrogen marketplace was developed by Localiser RLI GmbH and is an intermediary portal for concrete suppliers and demanders* of hydrogen. The hydrogen marketplace closes the gaps between production, demand and consumption in the Berlin and Brandenburg region.

Hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg

"The new marketplace makes potentials of the hydrogen economy visible and quickly brings together players along the entire value chain. Such an instrument has been lacking until now and is unique throughout Germany. The more who participate there, the more effective it will be. We are therefore looking forward to broad participation," says Kathrin Goldammer, Managing Director of Localiser RLI GmbH and Managing Director of the Reiner Lemoine Institute, with which Localiser has collaborated on this project.


"Starting today, all Berlin and Brandenburg companies can register directly on the marketplace's website and enter their own needs or offers. With one click you can then see which other stakeholders are active in the field of hydrogen," adds Localiser Managing Director Oliver Arnhold.


The hydrogen marketplace can be reached via the following address:


What is the hydrogen marketplace about? Suppliers and consumers of H2 products or services can present themselves on the marketplace with concrete requests and bids and search for offers. They can also find additional information such as H2 qualities, pressure levels or prices. The entries are shown georeferenced as a map in the hydrogen marketplace. In practice, it works like this: a wind or solar park company produces green hydrogen and can use the portal to get an overview of who needs H2 in the transport sector, for example, and where the plants are located. Logistics and transport companies that need hydrogen can quickly and easily find suitable H2 offers or transport options. Further application examples are in the air and shipping traffic and the mobility or heating sector. Thus, the marketplace also supports the appropriate design of the so important storage and transport infrastructure for hydrogen.


The hydrogen marketplace was created as part of the development of the hydrogen roadmap for Brandenburg and the capital region on behalf of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment and Energy (MWAE) and the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Business (SenWEB). Localiser developed, programmed and operates the hydrogen marketplace for the clients on behalf of the Reiner Lemoine Institute.

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