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September 2023: Anniversary! Localiser celebrates 5th birthday

On September 7, 2018, Localiser RLI GmbH saw the light of the electromobility world. Founded as a small startup, Kathrin Goldammer and Oliver Arnhold had the vision to build a company for planning charging infrastructure. This version has developed into a company that now employs 11 people and has planned more than 1,000,000 locations internationally.


But how did it all begin? Where did the vision of automated charging infrastructure planning come from?

Ladeinfrastruktur planen mit Localiser
Localiser Eingangstür

In February 2016, founders Oliver Arnhold and Kathrin Goldammer met at Localiser's parent organization, the Reiner Lemoine Institute. Oliver Arnhold had already been working there since its founding, helping to set up the institute. Kathrin Goldammer has been the managing director of the institute, which focuses on renewable energy research, since the beginning of 2016. In 2018, the idea came to use the knowledge and expertise from years of research commercially and thus contribute to the climate and energy transition - the beginning of Localiser.

With the planning and founding of a company, the question naturally arose: What should the startup be called? The RLI started an internal poll. The winner of this poll was the name Localiser. The name is made up of the word "localize" on the one hand, and the abbreviation LIS (charging infrastructure) on the other - LocaLISer.


On September 7, 2018, the time had come - the startup Localiser spun off from the Reiner Lemoine Institute. Still in its infancy, Localiser was already able to register its first customers for automated charging infrastructure planning in October of the same year. This was followed by well-known companies such as Vattenfall, TotalEnergies and e-on, who trust Localiser's competence and expertise as a customer. Six months later, Localiser received its first SaaS license.


In 2019, Localiser will start the DIN licensing process. Together with his team, Oliver Arnhold becomes the winner of the Innovator Award and subsequently receives the standardization DIN SPEC 91433.


The company takes its first steps towards internationalization in Switzerland and Austria. The first international clientele from these countries turns to Localiser for planning charging infrastructure. The team is therefore constantly working on improving and expanding the platform to provide the best service.

2022, Localiser is expanding its offering beyond the planning of charging infrastructure. Together with the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy (MWAE) and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business (SenWEB), the first hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg was developed. Its release on March 22, 2022, elicited a great deal of media coverage. Numerous companies registered on the free platform. In 2023, the idea came to expand the H2 marketplace to all of Germany. In the meantime, more than 450 companies from all over Germany are registered in the H₂ marketplace. On Localiser's 4th birthday, the milestone of 1000 projects in the hydrogen marketplace was reached. In July 2023, Localiser internationalized the hydrogen marketplace, which is now available in a total of 11 countries.

H2-Marktplatz Berlin Brandenburg

In May 2023, Localiser breaks another record, recording 20,000 locations in one week in the Localiser platform, scheduled with Localiser.


Five years have passed and Localiser RLI GmbH has grown with it. A small startup has now grown into a respected company. More than 1000 projects and more than 1,000,000 locations planned by Localiser in these five years.


However, a company does not achieve this success on its own. Most of the credit goes to the people behind the Localiser name, who develop the platform every day, respond to customer requests and make the company known.


We are looking forward to the next 5 years with our customers and our reliable team.

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