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March 2024: Oliver Arnhold at HyTruck in Rostock

As part of the HyTruck project, all project partners met in Rostock in March 2024. The current status of the project was discussed at the meeting. Oliver Arnhold, Co-Managing Director of Localiser, was once again present as part of the hydrogen marketplace. The following days included visits to the Dummerstorf and Laage sites. Hydrogen filling stations are currently being discussed or are already in operation there.

The aim of the international HyTruck project is to support authorities in planning a network of hydrogen filling stations for trucks. The result is emission-free road freight transport in the long term. The project partners include the University of Tartu, the Vidzeme Planning Region, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, the Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH, the CLIC Innovation Oy and PSPA - We drive e-mobility!

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