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November 2020: Innovator Award 2020

Localiser managing director Oliver Arnhold and the consortium around DIN SPEC 91433 have won the Innovator Award 2020 of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) in the category "Market launch of a product or service".

Oliver Arnhold RLI Localiser BW-11 DIN-Innovatorenpreis

The DIN SPEC 91433 "Guideline for search area and location identification as well as recommendations for notification and approval procedures in charging infrastructure planning", initiated by Oliver, is intended to accelerate the expansion of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and thus supports the German government's goal of allowing approximately 15 million electric vehicles nationwide by 2030.


The DIN SPEC starts with the charging infrastructure and offers a comprehensible structuring of the process for planning and installation. In this way, it helps municipal stakeholders to overcome barriers to entry and fear of contact. It also suggests interfaces between the actors involved to make communication more efficient.


The guide was developed by a consortium comprising stakeholders from all sectors: In addition to the Reiner Lemoine Institute, which led the consortium, Localiser, the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW), the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMO), the Association of Municipal Companies (VKU), Energie Codes & Services GmbH, the citizens' energy cooperative Inselwerke, inno2grid GmbH and Cleopa GmbH.

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