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January 2024: Outlook for the year 2024

After a successful 2023, we want to continue on our course in 2024. We have a lot planned for this year. We plan to expand into even more countries so that we can offer our service there. Our two platforms, the Localiser app and the international hydrogen marketplace, will be further developed to achieve the best possible results.

Utilization and usage data in the app

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In the Localiser app for planning charging infrastructure, we will offer utilization and usage data for existing charging points in the future. Does this sound interesting to you? Then send us a message via our contact form and select the topic "utilization data".

We continue to expand

Localiser is expanding its catchment area again. In 2022, we expanded abroad for the first time, to Austria and Switzerland. Italy followed a year later, where you can also plan charging points with our charging infrastructure platform. This year, we are expanding to Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Greece, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. By the end of 2024, the Localiser app will be available in eleven countries.


New webinar for LIS customers


To ensure the best possible service for our customers, Localiser will be offering monthly webinars for charging infrastructure customers from this year onwards. The webinars will always focus on a specific topic on which customers can ask questions. Each webinar is attended by two employees from the developer team or management. In future, registration for the webinar will take place via a form on our website.

Localiser wishes you a good start to 2024.

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