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December 2022: Our annual review of the year 2022

Planning charging infrastructure with Localiser

Another successful year for Localiser is drawing to a close. A lot has happened to us within one year. We are grateful for the constant trust in us and proud of what we have achieved so far. Furthermore, we are happy to work in a great team that supports us in our vision. What has happened at Localiser in 2022?

In March 2022, Localiser, in collaboration with the Berlin Senate of Economics and the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, published the first digital hydrogen marketplace for Berlin and Brandenburg. Around 250 projects have since been created on this platform. The demand was so great that Localiser expanded the hydrogen marketplace to the whole of Germany in October, thereby creating a national exchange platform for hydrogen seekers and hydrogen suppliers.

Localiser publishes hydrogen marketplace

Wasserstoffmarktplatz für Berlin und Brandenburg

The 1000th project on our charging infrastructure planning platform


Another highlight delighted us on our fourth birthday, September 7, 2022. The 1000th project was created on our charging infrastructure platform. Localiser could not have wished for a better birthday present. In total, more than 28,318 locations with charging stations have already been planned with Localiser, which corresponds to a total area of almost 170,000 km².

Changelog for the LIS area

Our Localiser app was enhanced in October. With the introduction of the changelog, our customers are always kept up to date with the latest features and innovations in the Localiser app. The changelog is completed continuously and contains a description as well as a picture of the respective new feature. 

Localiser goes Instagram

We have expanded our online presence and have also been on Instagram since October. In addition to the latest news from Localiser and the team introduction, interesting facts about our company and about electromobility are published here. Besides Linkedin, Instagram is our second social media account after we said goodbye to Twitter at the end of the year.

In October 2022, our managing director Kathrin Goldammer was elected spokesperson for the Berlin Climate Protection Council. In this role, she advises the Senate and the House of Representatives on climate protection and energy policy issues.


One month later, she also became a member of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC). The GJETC is a cooperation project between Japan and Germany. Its goal is the long-term implementation of the energy transition in both countries. The project is financed by German and Japanese ministries. Kathrin has been learning Japanese since 1996; she also completed part of her doctorate there.

Kathrin Goldammer is appointed to various honorary positions

GJETC Kathrin Goldammer

Oliver Arnhold moderates at InfraSPREE

On November 10, our Managing Director Oliver Arnhold was the moderator at InfraSPREE in the Schinkelhalle in Potsdam. He moderated the session "Hydrogen: What companies need to know now". Thereby one could listen to a variety of interesting presentations and learn about the latest findings on the hydrogen economy.

Oliver Arnhold Localiser Wasserstoffmarktplatz

Our team gets new members

After primarily operating in Germany, we received our first orders from Austria and Switzerland for our charging infrastructure tool in 2022.

Localiser goes international

Since the beginning of 2022, Localiser has more than doubled its headcount. While the team consisted of five employees in January 2022, there were already twelve people contributing to Localiser's success in December. Our new employees primarily support the company in back-end and front-end development and data science.

Our Values and Gender Equality Plan

For Localiser, equality, acceptance and sustainability are just some of the factors that characterize our working culture. We are a people-focused company. To clarify and capture this, Localiser published a Charter and Gender Equality Plan in June of this year. These documents make our core principles clear to employees and customers. Discrimination and exclusion are banned at Localiser.

And what are our goals for 2023? In our outlook for 2023, you can read what else Localiser would like to achieve and what you can expect from us next year. The 2023 Annual Outlook is expected to be released in early January.

Outlook for the year 2023

Jahresrückblick mit Localiser

​Localiser wünscht Ihnen schöne Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2023.

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