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December 2023: Year in review 2023

An exciting year is drawing to a close. With just a few weeks to go, we are already welcoming the new year 2024. From expansion to anniversaries, Localiser has done a lot again in 2023. We would like to present our absolute highlights to you again today.

12th Energy Symposium "Future Perspectives for Hydrogen" with Localiser

2023-03-03 (30).png

On March 3, 2023, Localiser Co-Managing Director Oliver Arnhold was present at the 12th Energy Symposium of TH Wildau on the topic of "Future Perspectives for Hydrogen". Six experts from the fields of science, business and politics spoke about topics in the field of hydrogen. Oliver Arnhold presented the hydrogen marketplace and showed how it works. A highlight was the preview of the matching function that will be released in September.

We become part of the Charta der Vielfalt

As part of our work and corporate culture, our Co-Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer signed the Diversity Charter. By signing the charter, we want to underscore the diversity of our company. Our work culture stands for equality, acceptance and tolerance. We are a team in which a person's origin, religion, skin color and sexual orientation play no role. The focus is on the individual.


On April 26, the award ceremony of the Female Founders Award 2023 took place. Localiser CEO Kathrin Goldammer was among the nominees. We are very proud of our participation in the Female Founders Award of The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V. (AmCham Germany) and the good placement. There were countless applications for the award and we made it to the finals. Goldammer won the "Honorary Mention" at the award ceremony.

Localiser at the week of hydrogen

From 10.06. to 18.06.2023, the "Hydrogen Week" took place at Berlin's main train station. At the free event, stakeholders from the hydrogen industry provided information, discussed and advised. Our co-managing director Oliver Arnhold gave a presentation on the hydrogen marketplace to a large walk-in audience at the station on June 10. In doing so, he introduced the marketplace to private individuals for the first time.



Kathrin Goldammer teaches at the HTW


Between April and July, our co-managing director Kathrin Goldammer made her debut as a lecturer at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences on four dates. In her block seminar "Economic Aspects of the Use of Renewable Energies", she taught students practical topics related to the energy market in Europe, the development of electricity prices and the impact of an increase in renewable energies in electricity generation. A highlight was the fourth session on July 13, which featured an energy startup workshop , based on Goldammer's experience founding Localiser.

The hydrogen marketplace is expanding abroad

In July 2023, Localiser co-managing director Oliver Arnhold was a guest at the HyTruck event, a project to help authorities plan a network of hydrogen refueling stations for trucks, in Gothenburg. The international expansion of the hydrogen marketplace emerged from this event. Since then, the hydrogen marketplace has been available in a total of eleven countries: Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Further countries are to follow in the long term.


5th anniversary of Localiser


Hooray, 5 years! This year we celebrated our anniversary with Localiser. To mark the occasion, we invited our customers as well as employees and former employees to celebrate on September 11, 2023. In Tempelhof we celebrated, puzzled and chatted about the last five years. An unforgettable day with nice guests and good food. We would like to thank all our guests for coming and all our customers who trust in us and our service.


The Localiser RLI GmbH saw the light of day on September 7, 2018 as a spin-off of the Reiner Lemoine Institute. Oliver Arnhold and Kathrin Goldammer had the vision to develop a platform for automated planning of charging infrastructure. This is now five years in which we have evolved and expanded our offering with the hydrogen marketplace.

Localiser runs in the 11th Adlershof company relay race

On September 7, 2023, our employees gave their best at the 11th Adlershof company relay. The relay race took place at the former Johannesthal airfield. Our two teams, the Location Legends and the FastFinders, showed sportsmanship in the run and raced for victory.


In the end, we finished 85th with the FastFinders and 92nd with the Location Legends. The event was a lot of fun for the whole team, whether as runners or spectators.


The new matching function in the hydrogen marketplace


In September 2023, we released the new matching function for the hydrogen marketplace. The matching function automatically suggests potential business partners to every actor and thus simplifies the networking of all actors along the entire hydrogen value chain. This function is also available for our international customers.

Not yet registered in the H2 Marketplace? This way!


November 2023: Startschuss genesis with Kathrin Goldammer

On November 21, our Co-Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer took part in the Startschuss genesis project. The project is funded by the HMWEVW. Guests included representatives from energy start-ups and business, as well as people interested in founding a company. The event took place at the Neue Denkerei in Kassel. Kathrin Goldammer spoke on the topic of "Strongly networked for an innovative energy system: Who benefits from whom in the green energy ecosystem?" and contributed her own experience from the start-up scene and as a research partner in joint projects.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel (8).png

Our team is growing


A lot has changed in our team since the beginning of the year. Two employees left us by the middle of the year. However, we welcome three new employees to our team - Darya Annina (since September), Alexander Windt (since November) and Sophie XXXXX (since December) support our team in the areas of development, public relations and office.


Outlook for the year 2024

What do we have planned for 2024? In our outlook for 2024, you can read what else Localiser would like to achieve and what you can expect from us next year. The annual outlook for 2024 is expected to be released in January. Be curious.

Localiser wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year 2024.

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