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July 2023: HTW students learn from Kathrin Goldammer

Kathrin Goldammer, co-CEO of Localiser and CEO of the Reiner Lemoine Institute, made her debut as a lecturer at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. With her many years of expertise, she taught the elective module "Economic Aspects of the Use of Renewable Energies" in a practice-oriented manner. In four block seminars, Goldammer covered topics related to the energy market in Europe, the development of electricity prices, and the impact of increasing renewables in electricity generation.


The first event on April 27, 2023, already met with lively interest from the students. Questions upon questions from interested fellow students poured in on the Localiser CEO, which she answered in a practical manner. The fourth session on July 13, 2023, an energy startup workshop based on Goldammer's experience founding Localiser, was particularly popular. At the workshop, which lasted about four hours, students learned all about what to consider when launching a startup that specializes in the energy sector and developed their own startup ideas.


Kathrin Goldammer herself describes the course as "very successful" and is looking forward to the next opportunity to share her knowledge with students. She will continue the work as a lecturer at the HTW in the engineering department.

Kathrin Goldammer at HTW
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