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November 2020: Plan store infrastructure faster:
Current favorite feature in Localiser tool -
the sales forecast of the amount of charging energy

Anyone investing in charging infrastructure needs a forecast of the amount of charging energy that will be purchased and how many charging points will be profitable. Localiser makes this possible. With us, you can not only plan and manage charging infrastructure - from the input of pinpoint charging locations, which are interactively created and edited in the Localiser app, we calculate the expected amount of charging energy and number of required charging points for the future. And this for each selected charging location and for each of the three power classes AC/11 kW, DC/50 kW and HPC/150 kW.


The Localiser algorithm proceeds in two steps: First, we calculate the future charging energy quantity and then the allocation to competing locations. To calculate the amount of charging energy, we use a variety of input data, such as vehicle registration data, recent studies on the ramp-up of electric mobility, population density, traffic volumes, key points in the surrounding area, and so on. Then, the algorithm is extended to competing locations in the area, evaluates their attractiveness, and calculates the occupancy rate of each point. What Localiser also recommends based on the data: a minimum requirement of charging points for each new location in the individual performance classes.

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