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Search areas and locations in the Germany network: Planning the Germany network with Localiser

The German Federal Ministry of Transport has issued a call for tenders for a nationwide fast-charging network in 2021 - the Deutschlandnetz. Fast-charging stations with a capacity of 200 kW or more are to be set up and operated in 900 search areas. The aim is to provide either 4, 8, 12 or 16 fast-charging points in each search area - and attractive financial support from the federal government. The search areas are grouped into lots - interested companies can apply for their choice from 23 lots in 6 regions. Those who want to participate need a good data basis. Because this will help to find the locations that are also financially attractive in operation. Localiser has made the Localiser platform available free of charge for the period of the participation competition.

Planning the Deutschlandnetz with Localiser
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