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October 2019: Transport turnaround in Germany:
Infrastructure planning for emission-free mobility

The transport sector is the only area in which greenhouse gas emissions have increased rather than decreased compared to 1990. Against this backdrop, there are many calls for a transport turnaround in which emission-free mobility is a central component. Attractive public transport options, car and ridesharing, and attractive offers for cycling and walking also play an important role.  

Planning charging infrastructure

These offers are increasingly competing in public space. For a specific location, a conflict of goals must be resolved more and more frequently: Charging station or bike lane? Wide bike lanes or wide bus lanes? But the conflicting goals also extend into private space: parking lot or "green" residential neighborhood? What land use for traditional gas stations that are no longer needed? 

In cooperation with the think tank "Agora Verkehrswende" and the "Reiner Lemoine Institut", Localiser has developed a position paper in 2019. Among other things, the increased planning requirements in the course of the traffic turnaround are addressed and possibilities for implementation using the Localiser planning software are presented.

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