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Why is the location of charging stations so important?

The world is currently changing rapidly. Climate change is advancing and many people are trying to stop it by switching to electric mobility. An e-car has many advantages: It is quiet, environmentally friendly and are subsidized by the state. The popularity of electromobility is increasing and with it the need for charging stations.


The charging station is the electric car's filling station. Many communities in Germany already offer at least one charging station in their region. However, due to the increasing number of e-cars, the demand will increase in the near future. However, a charging station is still placed everywhere in a sensible and economical way. If it is located in a little-visited place, its use could be lost there. This would not only be very annoying financially, but it would also lose its purpose.


Therefore, the location of the charging station is an important basis. Well-placed charging stations are located in places that are easily accessible and well-known to the public, so they can be found quickly and easily. A distribution adapted to the needs of the customers also plays an important role. It makes sense not to build all charging columns in the same place. Other sensible places that are easily accessible can expand the charging infrastructure and bring it closer to customers, who no longer have to drive far to the nearest charging station. So sensible and effective placement plays an important role.


In this way, customers can easily find a charging station for their electric vehicle without spending a lot of time. But it is not only customers who benefit from a well-planned charging infrastructure. Operators also benefit from the increased utilization of charging stations. A well-planned charging infrastructure can be equally profitable for customers and operators.


Do you need help planning your charging infrastructure? Localiser can help you! Please visit our e-mobility page or contact us.

Planning charging infrastructure with Localiser
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